Wide pants - What shoes should I wear with them?

So it seems that as of the summer, the trend toward a wide pant has been strong. Or atleast it has been in our Toronto boutique and Oakville boutique.   Very strong in fact!  It seems all you lovelies really needed a change from the skinny look.  Now you have it, and it's being carried right into fall.  The only difference is a longer length, and the enigma of what shoes/boots to wear with them.  

We are always here to help with your fashion needs as the market changes so fast.  

Let's hit the ground running with sneakers.  Still a top trend for footwear for fall.  You may have noticed this 90's trend in all kinds of colours, embellishments and even platforms. (Even stores like www.walkingonacloud.ca have some cute options.)  This will personally be my go-to footwear for all things wide for fall, as I love comfort, and it is trendy enough to pull off as a styled look. 


Keep in mind that the more athletic your sneaker, the more casual your outfit will look.  New Balance/Nike/Reebok etc are all brands that have branched out into more fashion sneakers, as well as Keds.  The fashion sneaker will make your wide leg pants look more "put together".  Throw on an oversized cardigan or a moto jacket, and you are styled for grocery shopping on a Saturday afternoon.  

If sneakers are not your thing, and you don't want to walk into our Toronto boutique wearing them, then maybe you can consider the bootie!  A timeless look that has been around in variations for a over a decade now.  The bootie is not going away, and it is only developing to work with the wide pants.  That being said, the texture of the pant and colour will reflect the look of this complete image.  If your wide pant is casual in texture and colour, do not be surprised if it does not mesh well with any bootie.  


For all you classic working ladies who have an office dress code to comply to, and are always looking for reinvention and versatility, maybe the pump is best for you.  A pump of any kind will dress up all wide pants at any length.  Creating a very comfortable office friendly look. 

Can't wear heels but still need to adhere to the office dress code?  Ok, the cute flat loafer will not disappoint in this case.  Sure it will not look as sexy, but it will serve its' purpose.  My suggestion here would be to be mindful of the length of your pants to match this look.  As we mentioned in a previous post, akward lengths are still on trend... so do not be afraid to marry the flood length with the flat loafer.  It will translate better than you think! 

Perhaps you are thinking ahead to the true Canadian Toronto, Oakville winter?  Yeah! We hear you.  This is when you transform your bootie into a full boot.  A slouch boot, a clean high boot.  Yes, in the dead of winter with the slush and sleet, those pants can get a bit dirty, but this isn't the first time this trend got messy, and it won't be the last.  

Still feeling unsure?  PM us on Instagram with a photo and we can give you a thumbs up or thumbs down:)

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