Daphne Nissani was immersed in the apparel/retail world from a young age.  Her first buying job was to pick new styles for her parent's trendy shoe stores at the age of 8 sitting on her fathers lap.   She grew her fashion skills over the years working for various large Canadian brands.   After graduating in International business, she decided to use her knowledge to import apparel from the U.S. to Canada and create a private label of her own.    As a 23 year old woman in a wholesale world, it didn't take her long to realize she was better suited to the retail world.    In 2001 s
he and her twin sister Ofra opened their first location in midtown Toronto (closed 2009) also opening a store on Queen street east in the Beaches, and in downtown Oakville.    Ofra later left the company in 2019.  

Since the start, Boa made a strong commitment to environmentally friendly and responsible fashion.  Boa carried a large portion of apparel made in the US, and Canada, keeping consumer dollars in North America, and creating a smaller carbon footprint.   As a buyer, Daphne is committed to ethical buying, by looking past 'green washing' messages in an industry loaded with ethical issues like waste, and overly used polyurethane fabrics.   

Boa Boutique is all about service and community, and has made that a large part of their ethos.   Daphne was a founding member of {Free-Them}, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about human trafficking and exploitation in Canada and abroad.   Much of the fundraising that Boa is committed to is centred around issues related to exploitation of women and children.  

Within days of her stores being closed when the pandemic hit, Daphne unknowingly entered the business of LIVE shopping by using Instagram to connect with customers at home.   She and her team have since made the LIVE shows a staple on social media.     You can see them on IG LIVE weekly for great deals on auctions, and new arrivals on the premiere shows.  




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