Boa boutique was established in 2001 by twin sisters Ofra and Daphne Nissani. Immersed in the apparel/retail world from a young age, the two opened their first location in midtown Toronto at Yonge and Lawrence (closed 2009) And opened a store on Queen street east in the beaches, and in downtown Oakville.    

Since 2001 the sisters made a strong commitment to environment and responsible fashion.  They carried mostly MADE IN LOS ANGELES clothing, providing quality goods manufactured in North America, keeping consumer dollars in North America, and creating a smaller carbon footprint.  Boa also carries local Canadian brands.  

Boa is committed to service and community, and has made that a large part of their ethos.   Both Daphne and Ofra are founding members of {Free-Them}, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of Human Trafficking & Exploitation in Canada and abroad.  

In 2020, Ofra exited from Boa after 19 years.  Daphne started on a new journey navigating the complicated retail world during a pandemic a couple of months later.   You can see her host LIVE AUCTIONS on Instagram weekly for great deals and more unique styles.   @boaboutique


Brands we carry in our store regularly include;

California Moonrise

C'est Moi Clothing


Chris and Carol

Dresscode U.S.A

Echo Verde Clothing

Enti Clothing U.S.A

Janette U.S.A

Luna Fashions

Luv & Bart Jewellery

Mavi Jeans

Mauritius Leather Jackets

Mercury Sunglasses

Millibon U.S.A

Parkhurst Knitting, Canada


Pink Violet

PJ Salvage 

Preloved Toronto, Canada

Good luck socks

Mavi jeans

Z Supply