Why spring fashion is good for your mental health :)

Why spring fashion is important for mental health.
As we creep into January 2023 with concerns of war, the climate crisis, and inflation, the human body naturally turns to positive things to stay happy and content.  Thank goodness for the fashion cycle.  It may seem peculiar that spring fashion is released into stores and boutiques all across Canada in January, but industry insiders have good reason for this. 
The fashion industry needs time for planning, forecasting and finally production.  Releasing sweaters in August is by design.  An opportunity to allow businesses to identify strong sellers and re-order, or buy accordingly based off new trends that are introduced.  
Spring fashion is no different.  Bright colours, bold designs, and exposing skin are released as early as the first week of December to capture the resort market of shoppers that want something fresh and new for their vacations.  Some people like to also purchase spring fashion in January to have something fresh in their closet in case a random day in February warrants the wear for some feel good.  
Blue Monday falls on January 16, 2023.  The despair is real for many people.  We have had customers in the past tell us that the bright colours of the newest fashions have made them feel hopeful and excited for the future.  The joy of bright sunny colours and water tones provide a feeling of summer, and builds a mood that is so craved for on a January day.  We've always welcomed people to drop in, watch our LIVES on IG or just check out the website photos for a little bit of sunny colour fashion cheer.   Visit or window shop in the S.A.D months to give you a boost, even just for a quick shot of joy.   
Here is hoping that 2023 is a bright and cheerful year for all!
Ofra Nissani

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