What will the next decade in fashion hold - Our predictions.

What will Ontario women be wearing in the next 20 years?

We are not totally sure where the past ten years have gone.  It all went by so quickly.  What we remember was opening our Oakville boutique in 2009 and having two boutiques in the Toronto and Halton area.

Items that dominated the 2010's were skinny jeans, leggings, and over sized sweaters and tunics.  As these styles filled our Toronto streets to the background soundtrack of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and all things hip hop, a new era was being developed.   We make no promises, but these are what we feel strongly about as emerging trends into 2020.

Gender Neutral

In recent years big designer brands have been listening to voices of young millennials and even celebrities like Jaden Smith who started the trend of gender neutral clothing.  Although it will be slow to adapt into main stream, we predict a rise in interest in this gender fluid/neutral fashion.   Androgyny was more widely accepted in the past few years because celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner- who came "out of the closet" on an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians-  shed light on a topic that nobody wanted to address.  Who knows.  The new decade can evolve into shared fashion with your spouse or partner.  Only time will tell.  What we do know is that sweatshirts and t-shirts are already being accepted by the young early adapters as unisex casual wear that anybody can wear.  Below you'll see one our very own staff members, Aruje, wearing her brothers clothes for a night out.  Perfectly time for the next decade.

Denim Trends

Many of our customers have been coming in lately and asking for low rise jeans.  After we explain that we have been introducing higher rise to our market, many seem disappointed.  On the flip side, some of our customers have been accepting this trend as a pleasant change.  In some cases, the higher the better.  So here is our prediction going into 2020.  Rises will stay up.  Legs will get wider, and then wider.  Picture the 70's and possibly the 22'inch wide pants of the mid 90's for those super trendy women.  The trend already began this past summer with many women embracing culottes as a substitute to a skinny.  We predict that as the next decade comes to a close, the cropped bottoms that we are currently seeing with wide legs, will get shorter and tighter again, and just like that we will be sporting the "knickers" a.k.a capris that the Spice girls were wearing.  10 years is a long time.  So now might be time to embrace the rise and width and let it last for  several years.  

Shoulder Pads

The exaggerated shoulders have also been discreetly inching their way back into fashion. Not far behind will be the subtle look of shoulder pads.  Perhaps even removable for those who don't need them, or want them.  The sex appeal may be a welcome change for many who want something different in fashion.  We truly appreciate the beauty of shoulder pads.  So you may see us embrace this style in store and online for your shopping needs.  Think Dynasty when thinking shoulder pads.



What?  Again?  Oh yeah!  In our opinion vests will be making a comeback in the next decade.  The open vest, and knitted vests.  Worn with tees, layered with blouses or over dresses.  This may even mesh with the gender neutral looks we are predicting above.  


Floral was hot for years.  Stripes have always been strong, but what we anticipate for new prints in the next decade is Paisley.  A cross between floral and couture.  In addition, designer prints like links.  We are also already seeing the strength of the tye dye as it is being introduced for Spring 2020.


Our downtown Oakville location is being revitalized for a new decade.  Like popular destination points, our clothes will be revitalized too.  We expect crisp blouses and button downs to add to the new look.  Various colours, prints and looks.  Mostly tucked in, as we believe the days of the tunics will fade fast starting in 2020.  Don't be surprised if you see some dickies mixed in.  All the look of a blouse for layering, without the layer.  Don't know what a dickie is? Google it:)

Comment below on what you think we will see more of in 2020 and beyond.  







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