What to wear to a holiday party

Holiday parties can quite often be an enigma for many women.  Uncertain about what is appropriate for the setting.  Here are a few helpful tips before deciding what to wear.

1)  Is the party at a home?

If a party is held at someone's house then you may want to consider the climate.   The smaller the home, the warmer it will get when  it is filled with guests.  So wear something short sleeved to stay cool and avoid perspiring.   Alternatively, if the home is big, and spacious then a beautiful holiday sweater would be fine.  Perhaps with a pencil skirt, dress pants, or dark skinny jeans.

If you choose to wear a dress be mindful of how short the dress is.  If there is seating that isn't at at table, then you may be giving everyone a show when you sit down to eat.  

2)  Will the party be a family event?

If so, perhaps wearing the sexy low cut top isn't the best idea around so many relatives.  Best to save those for a party of peers. 

3)  Is the party at a restaurant or banquet hall?

These venues allow you to be more playful and dressed up.  If you want to make an impression on the boss at a work party then be sure to turn your sexy down a bit.  A respectful refined dress that doesn't show so much skin is probably your best bet.  A holiday top and skinny jeans won't cut it.  Here's your chance to step up your game. 

4)  Do you have any allergies or sensitivities?

Allergic to costume jewellery? Don't wear it then.  Holiday parties are a great opportunity to relax and let loose with family and friends.  Don't wear things that make you uncomfortable such as; sequins, itchy fibres, or costume jewelry.  If you are in menopause and constantly get hot then don't wear a sweater.  Keep in mind age appropriate fashion.   A risky crop top at a work function in your 40's (depending on the work environment) can turn a few heads. 

Holiday tops, holiday dresses and accessories are available in full force now.  Don't leave your search till last minute.  Get your size while it's available. 

Happy holidays!!


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