What to buy in fall

It may be too soon to say, but we feel like this summer will be the summer that keeps on giving.  If it does, are you prepared?  

Many people often try to avoid buying items in between seasons because they are not confident how much they will wear them.  Unpredictable weather makes us second guess buying that vest or top, that may not be as versatile as the classic sweater.  So here's our suggestion for you; remind yourself if the colour is a versatile colour.  If so, that's half the battle.  A solid colour is better than a printed piece because it will be easier to match.  However, don't rule out that beautiful printed short sleeve top.  If you love it, you would be surprised at how much you will wear it.

Also keep in mind the option to layer.  Can you layer that single item you are debating?  Perhaps a kimono that can be worn over chunky sweaters or jean jackets as the weather gets cooler.  Or a light weight blouse that can be layered with a turtle neck like the ladies from Charlies Angels used to wear.  

Lastly, keep in mind the environments you are in on a day to day basis.  Your work, school, or hangout.  Is it always warm, or cool in certain environments.  That will help you decide how to wear the items you are considering for FW2016.

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