Wearable spring trends for 2019

So we all know how cold Toronto can be in April.  While many parts of the US are already seeing blooming trees, Toronto is still feeling nippy.  

We've waited long enough, and endured a brutal Canadian winter.  So when we finally do feel ready to pull out something new and fresh to wear, we want it to be right on point with current fashion.  

So here is what you need to know.

1) Leopard prints.  A hot trend from fall/winter 2018 is now being carried into spring 2019.

2) If you are so over the dark tones, then you may be interested in the daisy print trend.  Pretty florals are still strong, but daisies are the go to flower for spring.

3) A classic print is making a resurgence.  Polkadots.  Yes.  This stepford wife favourite is coming back post "me too" to make a statement on women power and femininity.

4) Stripes never go far in spring.  In fact, I can not remember one spring in the past 18 years where we didn't have striped prints.  Keep in mind that thin stripe and vertical are the most flattering.

5) Mixed media. A combination of florals and stripes makes up the mixed media look.  Playful and fashion forward.  A very new trend we will be seeing in fall too.

6) Hot colours include red, yellow, navy, and white.  Incorporate them all into your wardrobe to stay on trend.  


7) Wide width anything! Wide palazzo pants and jumpsuits are it right now.  Work them ladies!

8) High waisted anything is also super hot.  If you are mourning the loss of low rise, give yourself some time, but not too long, as high waist is taking over.

Feel free to ask us how to wear any of these trends.



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