Vacation bound travelling tips on how to pack.

Wether you've been planning your vacation for a year or a week, there's no doubt you are excited to trade up from the cold to the hot climate.  As you should be.  You live in Toronto,Canada.  You have earned a sunny holiday!!

All airlines have been changing their policies on baggage over the past few years.  As a result, we are all more mindful of how we pack.  Here are a few tips on how to pack for your tropical destination.  Note:  This is being written from the perspective of single travelling.  Pile on where need be for children and significant others.  

1)  Pack an outifit for every day and at least 4 nights out.  By outfit I mean casual beach/travel wear.  It's best to bring some extra night wear, or atleast a top that can work with your cut off shorts and heels. Denim skirts and shorts come in very handy on vacations.  They don't wrinkle, are super stylish and work with everything!

2)  Shoes take up a lot of packing space.  So keep it light.  A pair of runners for active excursions, flip flops for the beach and pool, and a pair of wedges that work with all your dresses for night wear.  One extra pair of cute flats couldn't hurt.  An extra pair of high heels can.  Put them at the bottom of your luggage with your umbrella and a easy to pack pancho.  Now, if the seven day forecast is nothing but clear skies, then definitely leave the rain gear at home and save that space to transport souvenirs on the way back from your destination.  

3)  Don't leave your pretty dresses at home.  Give them the light of day they have been waiting for.  If you're worried about wrinkling, or damaging, then try this.  Cut a plastic bag and lay it flat.  Lay your favourite dress over it and then lay another cut plastic bag over it.  Roll it from one end to the other and then fold it over.  Creases are left to a minimum, and if you spray the bag with your favourite perfume, the scent will reach all the clothes in your luggage.  

4) Packing your toiletries can be challenging.  Take note of all the items you will need, and pack them in a plastic bag with your shoes just in case something drips or explodes in flight.  Double up on sunscreen and hope you use all of it. You lucky lady:)  

5)  Visit your favourite Toronto, Oakville boutique for cute new pieces to add to your luggage.  

Happy safe travels!


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