Tutu your horn

It's been over 20 years since Sarah Jessica Parker showed up on TV after 11pm on Thursdays, as Carrie Brandshaw in Sex & The City.   Her famous da da da... da da da da intro to the show, introduced her to the world in a pale pink leotard and a tutu skirt with her classic 4 inch Manolo Blahnik heels.   

Carrie Bradshaw had a love and appreciation for tulle skirts, as she wore them regularly in the first few seasons.   Her stylist Patricia Field worked hard to reinvent the skirt, but the influence for the tulle may have been SJP's, perhaps from ballet, given she was a dancer for years.  Or perhaps it was Cyndi Lauper?  The big tulle skirt lives on decade after decade, it's now due for a big comeback, and big comeback it shall have.   Expect to see the wildest colours, and even new textures and designs of the fabric arriving all season.  

Wearing the tulle skirt is about as easy to style as a pair of jeans.  Not kidding!  Band tee.  Check.   White blouse.  Check.  Crop tank.   Check.   Blazer.   Check.  Follow us on Instagram, Fb, or TikTok for tips.   

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