Toronto's top 10 fashion bloggers for 2018 - Our picks!

We've been relying on them for years to keep us in the loop on how to wear new trends.  Toronto fashion bloggers are inspirational, unique, and beautiful.  We forgot to mention how nice they are.  Like true Canadian nice!  

As boutique owners, we follow their blogs, their feeds, and even work with them from time to time.  So we felt it was time for us to choose our top picks for 2018.  

We compiled this list below with the following things in mind about the candidates;  

- Their overall style is achievable and original.

- They are fashion forward, on point, and can think beyond mainstream fashion.

- The offer attractive aesthetics of their social media feed and website.

- They consistently post content on their blogs and social media.  

With all of the above in mind, we created our top 10 list of Fashion bloggers in Toronto.  Let us introduce you!


This jet setting blogger will lure you in with her delicious recipes, comedy, and most importantly her adorable, refined look.   Kassandra has been in the world of blogging for several years now by association.  Her sister Krystin Lee is a long time blogger and fabulous stylist by nature.   Kassandra is especially one of our tops picks because of her extraordinary ability to accessorize.  Kassandra is a rising star in the world of blogging. 


We would say Kirsten is a 'double threat'.  She's an actress and a fashion blogger.  Beyond that she has a super cute sense of style, and is not afraid to try new looks and colour combinations.  We recently worked with Kirsten, and it was very evident to us that she cared about what her followers would like to see.  That is something we respect in a fashion blogger.  

8)  A.K.A Chole Sugarr

We always believe that fashion goes beyond pairing black and white.  Anybody who has been into our shop knows we love colour, so it comes as a surprise to us how much we love Chloe's look.  She loves pairing black and white, but she does it with such innovation. Her photos are non-traditional and capture our attention.   We look forward to seeing more from her in 2018.


On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we find ourselves coveting the look of Joelle from Lapetitenoob, who adores all things pink!  Like, literally, everything pink!  You might be thinking - "overkill" - but it's not.  She does a wonderful job of staying on top of all the trends with a few teaspoons of pink in her photos.  Did we mention she shops with her  little dog that fits in her purse?  It doesn't get cuter than that. 

6)  A.K.A Rebecazulch

Somewhere in the middle, we have Rebeca of Wishbone and Clover.  What we love about her is that her style is inpirational.  She also happens to have an insane shoe wardrobe that we lust after.  To top it off, her stories on instagram make us laugh and smile.  She's one to follow if you don't have a particular style, but just like fashion.  


Although this post is dedicated to Toronto fashion bloggers, we wanted to give an honourable mention to Kiki Khosla from Oakville.  Since one of our locations is in Oakville, we have worked with her and love how she can pick things that look good off the rack.   Kiki is a former model turned blogger.  Fashion comes naturally to her.  She has a very local focus, and you know how much we love local!


What we love about Shantel is that she is daring.  She can turn left and right and make us think she is going straight.  It's the kind of thing fashion needs.    We also appreciate her palette for colours.  Although she appreciates more neutrals, we love seeing pops of colours in her posts on occasion.  We predict 2018 will be a great year for her as a fashion blogger.  


Eleni has been a favourite of ours for a couple of years now.  We have one thing in common.  We both LOVE colour!  She loves her ruffles and bows.  She recreates them with a touch of vintage styling.  We have worked with Eleni before, and she is a total doll!


When I first discovered Krystle, I liked her style.  She was showcasing corporate wear, and day to day fashion and sometimes pairing them together.  Being in the fashion industry, and knowing our customers, we think she covers enough fashion from different angles to be worth the follow.  Plus she has some seriously great recipes!!!


Kaylee from "theblondielocks" has a beautiful feed on Instagram.  She fuses all kinds of colour combinations effortlessly.  Her editing is top notch, and she is truly on point with the trends she features.  Mostly why she is rated #1 on this list is because she studied fashion business, and it shows.  She knows that we turn to her as a fashion guru and she never disappoints. 

There you have it.  Our top picks for 2018.  We should also mention that this list was not easy to cut down to 10.  We genuinely chose these women because we see them as the leaders for 2018.     The fashion world needs the inspiration of all fashion bloggers who work very hard to style new looks, brave tough weather conditions while shooting, all the while promoting themselves.   As Torontonians, we are proud to have these women (and the others that did not make the list) representing our city.  

We hope you are satisfied with our choices.  If not, leave us a comment on who you think we should consider for 2019's list.  

Happy New Year!


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