Toronto Fashion Week and Toronto Film Festival - what to wear

The idea that Toronto Fashion Week would not be a part of local culture didn't sit right with us.  So we are so happy to know that its' return will be strong and hopefully long lasting.  We believe that some of that falls on locals to support the event.  

The best way how is to make it fun and a must see for all fashionistas.  So with just a few days from the start of Fashion Week, here are a few ideas of what to wear.  

Style your looks from the eyes of one of the original Charlie's Angels.  Wide widths, layering, bodysuits, and bold combination colours.  Keep your own personal style in mind, but don't be afraid to embrace something new.  Toronto Film Festival, and Toronto Fashion Week makes it easy for us to step out of our comfort zones at the perfect time of year.  

Also note the time of day of the event you will be attending.  Day events may require less glam and more casual styling.  Evening events will always be the perfect opportunity to throw on extra accessories and heels as high as the sky.  

Dresses are an easy choice for both day and night.  Be selective on what works best for your body type, and most importantly what photographs well.  Nobody wants a good outfit to go to waste.  

Layering is a personal thing.  Layering can really make an outfit come to life, but if a sudden heat wave hits, then you will be pretty uncomfortable.   Be mindful of the weather when layering.  Or just don't care, like Ariana Grande does when she wears her big sweatshirts and high boots in July heat.  Having fun with your style and supporting Fashion week is a great reason to go out.  

Film festival parties can be a glamorous show.   Dressing up is almost a given.  Who knows what celebrities you'll meet and want to take pics with.  Movie events aren't as glamorous.  You can always show your style with accessories for these events.  

For both events decide if you would prefer to be the person less noticed in the room, or would you prefer more eyes on you.  If you like the attention, then don't hold back.  Play with your style and your wardrobe and create memorable unique looks.  Enjoy the parties!!!


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