Top Canadian influencers for 2020


This is our 3rd year creating a list of exceptional style bloggers.  Going into a new decade we decided to shout out Canadian influencers/bloggers who will offer the most going into 2020.  Our boutiques are fashion forward, and we appreciate a similar style.  We know there are so many great ones out there, and we salute them for all the hard work they do (yes, it is hard!) but we narrowed it down to these 10.  Comment below if you agree or disagree with our choices, or visit us in store in our downtown Oakville boutique, or our Toronto Beaches boutique and tell us in person.  

Laurie Ferraro -  #1

I've had a bit of a girl crush on Laurie for a couple of years.  She is a natural stylist.  She doesn't need to work too hard to make things look clean and put together.  I also love that she can transform neutral into edgy.  Laurie is our number one pick because she has been in the game for a long time and is committed to fashion.  Keep it up into the next decade Laurie! @laurie_ferraro

Emma Leger  - #2

Why do I like Emma?  For one, she is an early adopter to trends.  Which means following her is inspirational.  In addition to that she puts together some unexpected combinations that result into some really fun looks.  Her style is hard to place because she floats between a couple of them.  That to us, is the best case scenario for a fashion blogger.  Looking forward to seeing her work her magic in 2020.  @emmaleger

Krystin Lee - #3

My guess is that Krystin was once a fashion designer in a past life.  She certainly channels a lot of the legendary Coco.  She is fashion perfectionist!  A local resident of Oakville too.  I have been fortunate to meet her in our Oakville boutique and her personality matches her style.  Refined and attractive.  The details are never missed with her.  Which is my primary reason for selecting her for this list.  @krystinlee

Be Wolf Fashion - #4

Katia, a self proclaimed fashion junkie, is one of the most adventurous players on this list.  I think fashion junkie is actually an understatement.  I don't know her but she does seem like she would live and breathe fashion.  She is a risk taker and will fearlessly try new looks, but favours her edgy style as a priority.  A style I dub "hippie-hot". Did I mention how much she loves hair accessories and hats?  We love Katia's style, and can't wait to see what else she does for the new 20's.  @bewolffashion

The Yusufs - #5

These two darlings have mastered the "pairing" imagery that has become popular in recent years.  I love them because they remind me of ourselves (my sister and I).  They each represent their own style, and though they have similarities, they are clearly very different.  The bonus is that you see multiple looks in one post.  More to look at!  Adoring that concept.  @theyusufs

Mademoiselle Jules -  #6

Julie has some serious style!  From casual to super dressy, she nails all her looks by creating a visual experience to appeal to many.  I have no doubt that her exceptional taste in footwear is what brings together her looks with ease.  She has a Montreal style that shines.  One that I personally covet from a distance.  Loving it all Julie! @mademoisellejules

Marina Slam- #7

So if Marina reminds you a bit of Ariana Grande, note, you are not alone.  Her petite frame and style is very on point with celebrity looks.  She styles her looks with layers and accessories.  A mix of refined and trendy.  A hybrid combination that appeals to various age demographics.  I love what you're doing girl!  Keep it up! @marinaslam

La Chic Society - #8

Although Jessica is relatively new to the game, she has such passion for fashion that you can't help but notice her.  A brain tumour survivor with Hamilton Ontario roots, she understands that a look is not complete without accessories.  I see a lot of simplicity in her style that appeals to most of the masses. She creates it so seamlessly.    I have met Jessica before when she did some modelling for us last year at our Oakville boutique.  She made my job easier as we styled looks together:)  Continue the strong momentum into 2020 Jessica! @lachicsociety

Style Not Brand - #9

I have something in common with Niki.  We both love colour, and texture, and we are not afraid to mix them.  While most fear it, we will embrace it to try something new.  As long as it works in the end, which it always does on Niki.  She has perfected her art and it clearly comes very naturally to her.  She may not have as strong of a following as others on this list, but we expect that to change in 2020.  Good luck Niki!  @stylenotbrand

What we wore blog- #10

Couples who blog together stay together.  Alistair and Karuna are both a fashion team, and a couples team.  #couplesgoals applies here in every respect.  Not only do they look adorable together, their styles are very similar, just transformed in gender friendly variations.  We suspect that in 2020 they will be the first to showcase gender neutral fashion.  This sleek and sophisticated couple might be one to follow if you like clean current looks for women and men.  @whatweworeblog








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