Top 9 Toronto Fashion bloggers for 2019 - Our picks!

We love fashion.  Is it obvious?  We get a kick out of putting together a great outfit for a customer.  Especially when they wear it around Toronto with confidence.  This is exactly why we appreciate the hard work of the fashion blogger.  The hours of work to create looks, get dolled up to strut in it (in all kinds of weather), and then edit the photos and write, in detail, about how they created their ensemble.  

This blog post is to applaud some of those ladies.  We see many bloggers that deserve snaps for their work, but this year we are highlighting our top ten, and tipping our hats to all the others that didn't make the list.  Things we look for are; 

  • Styling ability
  • Cohesive feed and website
  • Posts regularly

Let's get to it!

9) Notablyandrea (

As it turns out I know Andréa because she is in the fashion industry.  This girl loves her fashion.  It says so in her blog!   She probably has the cleanest look of all the top 10.  From her feed to her blog, to her overall style.  With that said, there is still not a dull moment with her.  Andréa fuses together trends without effort and she always manages to look flawless and stylish.  If you favour a more classic but trendy style, you are going to want to follow her for 2019.  


This girl!! I must first start by saying she writes eloquently, and with great thought.  Who doesn't love that in a fashion blogger.   As for her style, I love, love, love how she can go from refined to sexy in an instant.  It's so seamless.  Only a pro stylist can pull that off.  Alma posts regularly enough to get a snap shot of what appears to be her daily life as a fashion expert.  Covet her look by following her on Instagram. 

7) Loveof_mode  (

All those women who love fashion will always have their vice.  For Tamara, we're pretty sure handbags will trump a new pair of shoes.   It's almost like she has a new handbag for every look.  They really contribute to her style.  She has an edgy luxurious look and she is not afraid to try something new.  That's really important in a stylist.  

In addition to blogging about fashion, she also vlogs and has a love for interior design. Which makes perfect sense for anybody who can style like she does.  I can only imagine 2019 will be a strong year for Tamara as she blends her talents together.  

6) Zahee22 

Zaheera was introduced to me by instagram.  Gotta love that algorithm.  Although it does not appear that Zaheera has an actual blog, her instagram feed speaks volumes to her natural ability to style.  With three kids I'm not sure how she finds the time to plan out her looks, never mind actually photographing them. 

She has an authentic style.  She stays true to her faith and has absolutely grasped the art of layering. I'm so curious to see how she transforms spring trends in 2019 into her own original look. 

5) Filipa Jackson (

With a contagious smile and long history of blogging, Filipa has not only mastered the fashion, but has also mastered the fashion and travel combination.  Something many bloggers can only aspire to do.  If I had to identify her style, it would probably be "cute with a punch of pattern".  She was one of the first to use a scrunchie as an actual accessory in her photos.  That will tell you a lot about her trend setting potential. 

Very rarely will you get a serious look from her.  Both on her face, and in her style.  This is why we like her.  She stays true to her fashion/travel blogger persona.  She also posts frequently which allows you to be inspired on so many levels.  


Over time I have come to like some feeds that don't look so groomed. Especially if the photos translate impeccably on the blog.    Tania's does exactly that.  As a strong stylist, she sticks with the trends and pairs them together perfectly.  What I've learned from watching her is that she loves using all kinds of transportation in her photos, and she does a great job of incorporating accessories that are unique to her style.  A style she is committed to.  She posts just enough to want you coming back for more.  

Keep it coming in 2019 Tania!

3)   Rebecazavaletamedia

I didn't want to repeat bloggers from my 2018 list, buttttt, I just can't help myself.  Rebeca has continued to be one of my fav's for 2018 and I think she will be for 2019.  She is a dedicated blogger with her eye on the trends.  She puts together a great outfit, but also a great photo.  She tries new things and tests the esthetical boundaries of her editing.  Her love of all accessories paints a bigger picture when she pairs looks together.  She slam dunks all her outfits from casual to dressy.  My only caveat is that if you follow her on instagram, you won't always see all her postings:(  Sad, but true.

Keep on keeping on Rebeca!!!!


2)  melhwang

I have some very clear reasons as to why I chose Mel as one of my top picks.  First, I love how she incorporates her crew.  I love to see more fashion in photos when it is a group of fashionistas.  I Especially love her personal campaign to help Sick Kids build their new hospital.  We strongly support this initiative too.  It's a noble challenge to take on, and I'm happy to see her doing it.  

I also adore how she includes her blogger boyfriend in alot of her work.  It's so so cute!  She is also very talented at producing fun content and imagery that truly look like illusions.  Her fashion sense is cute and playful.  She vlogs, and posts enough on her personal blog and instagram which makes me always want to check back for more.  Mel is inspired, but i'm inspired by her.  As a stylist I always appreciate other stylists that can pull off pattern on pattern.  That is something Mel excels at.  Well done Mel!   



I've been following Negin for several years now.  Although we haven't met, she is an absolute sweetheart in correspondence and in her stories.  This girl is the real deal as far as fashionista's go.  Which is why she is being positioned as FIRST for bloggers to watch in 2019. 

Although she has a strong following in Iran, she is very well loved in Toronto to. 

She's always out and about dressing to impress at various events.  She knows exactly what to wear and when to wear it.  

Negin has such an inspirational rainbow unicorn style, you can't help but smile when you see her above average looks. There is lots of evidence that bright colours brighten peoples spirits.  If you need to feel cheerful every now an then, check out her blog, or just follow her on instagram.  The bright colours alone will make your day.  The fashion is just a bonus. 

She is clearly not afraid of colour or taking on the challenge of bringing prints to life.  She has honestly nailed her craft this year.  Although her blog is not updated regularly, she posts very often on her instagram.  Alot of her stories are in Farsi (which I don't mind, because I understand it) but for those who don't, atleast you get the fashion eye candy.   I can't wait to see what she produces for 2019.  

If you want to suggest a blogger that we should consider watching for next year, please send us a message.  Have a happy New Year!


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