Tips on how to wear 70's plaid

To think, fourty plus years ago, there were beautiful women walking around the streets of Toronto wearing mostly what we are trying to replicate in 2017 with plaid.  Naturally there will be some twists on the old school variations, but plaid can't change all that much.  

It hasn't really ever gone away, but now that it is back, it is receiving a lot of love from every generation.  From tops, to dresses, to tunics, 70's plaid makes a statement.  

Tips on how to wear it.  

1) It's best not to wear multiple plaids together.  Especially in dark winter colours.  The colours tend to collide and the human eye can not process the combinations.   They are mostly worn with solids prints in neutral colours or colours that will compliment another stronger one in the plaid.  

2) Layer a plaid jacket, skirt, top or pants.  Think of it like a party.  The more the merrier.  As long as they don't crash the party with a new print or colour that won't mesh well with the other guests at the party.   Here's hoping that analogy made sense:)

3) Add accessories.  Much like floral prints, plaid prints will have a dominant colour or two.  Use accessories to showcase those colours.  For example, a brooch to pop off a plaid top or sweater.  A metallic necklace to highlight the print.  Fun patent shoes that somehow always work with plaid.  

4) Wear plaid with a current twist.  This is where you get to be creative and show your style.  Picture this...  tall boots, a moto jacket and a plaid blanket scarf draped over it.  3 hot trends fused together from multiple eras.  

Yes, we love plaid at Boa boutique.  It seems like you lovely women of Oakville and Toronto also love plaid.  So we'll keep giving you what you want this season:)

Happy shopping!

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