The Wide Leg

Bye bye skinny jeans.   I know some of you hate that this is a reality, but you couldn't expect that you were gonna be wound up in that tight leotard denim forever?!  Post pandemic fashion is craving a change, a bold, universal, just give me something other than sweatpants change.   It's no surprise wide, and flared denim are making their way back to us.   Fashion is cyclical, and therefore ... predictable.   Now that we know it's coming for us in a big way, how do we prepare?  It's time to work your way into it, and here's how. 

Start with a straight leg.   The straight cut still gives you a bit of that skinny look that you can't let go of, but now gives you new options on the bottom for footwear (which is also changing fast).   The new chunky sneaker might look a bit much with a tapered skinny, but with a straight or wide leg it starts to balance out.  Start your straight legs with a block heel for summer, and do a roll up with a mid cowgirl boot for fall.  When you are ready, this same footwear will pair perfectly with a flare jean.  Work your way out of feminine flats that once went so lovely with a skinny, reminiscent of a cigarette 50's look (ie. keds).   Get used to a wedge or elevated sneaker to provide depth to your wide leg look.   

The good news is, the rise is still high.   You don't have to worry about showing a C section scar, you just need to embrace tucking in flowy blouses, or showing a ribbon of skin with shorter cut tops.   If that is too much for you, the bodysuit should solve most of your problems.   Also, if you find one that looks great, buy it in all the colours.   Do the same for your new jeans :) 

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