Dressing for special occasions - The rules!

Social butterfly or absolute homebody, we are all invited to a special occasion from time to time where the wardrobe is a question mark.  Even with a dress code description on an invitation, many of us still ask, "what's appropriate?"

Sexy dresses are not hard to come by.  When selecting one, keep in mind your audience.  If you are going to a family wedding and you don't want to be put in the akward position of Uncle Ned staring down your cleavage, but you want to show some skin to feel sexy, then consider exposing more leg.  Picture a long strapless dress with an Angela Jolie exaggerated slit going up the left thigh.  Sexy, but with discretion!   If you are a guest at a wedding and you are not close to the bride, consider this a warning.  Do not wear white!  Depending on your relationship with the bride, most brides will consider wearing white an absolute faux pas.  Some themed weddings or religious weddings encourage white, but make sure you ask the bride ahead of time how she feels about it.  

Weddings are changing.  Common weddings now are garden or destination weddings.  If you are a guest at a wedding that will be taking place on the hot black sand of Costa Rica, then maybe a light flowing maxi dress would be best to keep you cool, looking sexy, but it will also be functional for other occasions.  If a Garden wedding is your next reception, then think printed, pretty, and feminine. Celebrate the seasonal colours and prints.   An understated fit and flare dress would be a natural go to for an event like that. 

Some of you lovely ladies will be going to prom this spring.  The setting is made up of mostly teenagers.  This is your chance to shine.  Express yourself!  Show some skin (with the green light from mom and dad of course).  The general rule for prom is a long dress.  If you are a guest, and it's your boyfriends prom, then a short dress is best.  This is not our rule. It has been ongoing for quite some time now.  It is frowned upon to wear a long dress to prom if you are a guest.  

If you are looking to dress sexy to any occasion, here are a few things to consider.  Showing skin is great, in moderation.  Pick your best asset.  Expose it in a dress.  Accessorize accordingly.    Wearing a short dress, with a cut out back, and plunging neck line is best reserved for bar/club night.  Although women look beautiful showing off all their assets, scandalous dresses will be best suited for bachelorette parties, and girls nights out.   

Many women love wearing dresses.  For those who do not, but are obligated, ask your self this; "Do I want to stand out at this event, or do I want to blend in?"  If you want to stand out, then bright colours in a comfortable dress might be the way to go.  If you want to blend in, a simple little black dress will do the trick.  

The above is meant as a guideline.  We truly believe at Boa that you should be able to be confident and feel good about yourself.  If a fit and flare dress is not your style, then replace it with something that is.  Fashion is supposed to be fun, so have fun!

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