The Princess Diana Black Sheep Sweater $50,000???

Looks familiar?   This famous sheep print sweater featured all white sheep and one lone black sheep, and Princess Diana loved hers.   So much so, she was photographed wearing it in 2 decades and various ways.   Variations of the sweater have been produced for public consumption for years.  Ours is an amazing recycled cotton version, made in Toronto, Canada, at Canada's oldest knitting mill, Parkhurst.  It sells out every year, but this year with the original sweater going up for auction at Sotheby's where it is expected to fetch for $50k., we thought you may want a piece of Diana fashion history.  Not to mention this sweater is the perfect gift for the black sheep in the family.   Orders are in, if you have not placed yours, we are doing a 2nd round of orders for November delivery.

Shop it here while they last.

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