Why we do so much buying in Los Angeles.

Do you know where your clothes are made? Since 2001 we have been sourcing our unique styles from Los Angeles, but did you know that what we buy in Los Angeles is also made in Los Angeles? 

Boa has been buying directly from manufacturers in Los Angeles since our inception.    We have met designers and even sewers who produce the clothes we import for you.   There are probably up to 1000 brands that produce their goods in Los Angeles.  We have established some great relationships with quite a few of them over the years.  
A five hour flight from Toronto, Los Angeles is close enough to reduce the size of your carbon footprint.  This also means less packaging (that are often in place to support the long boat rides over the ocean, and even less chemicals to maintain fabrics for the trip).  With limited access to knitting mills in North America, you will find that a lot of your sweaters are made off shore.  That will continue to be a fact until things progress within our own borders.  
Popularity and brand names may be important to some, but we just like to focus on good quality, great fashion, and reasonably priced merchandise.   Fast fashion to major mall stores means thousands of each style spread throughout all it’s locations.  Fast fashion to our boutique means new styles each week, often one of each size, and if it goes, it’s gone.   You can always drop in the following week for even more new stock.   
At Boa, we like to support the purchasing of goods made in North America as much as we can, without compromising our integrity and mandate.   Keeping our dollars in North America is an important part of this.  We are not limited to the U.S, as Boa heavily supports Canadian brands like C’est Moi Clothing, the popular Made In Canada line UP! Pants, I HEART TYLER MADISON, and even local jewelry designers like Painted Faith. 
While the fashion industry is constantly changing, we learn to adapt so we can continue to offer you quality unique pieces, at affordable prices.  Since the beginning; environment, ethics, and fair wages have weighed heavy on our minds.  Only, we don't have all the answers.  We can only try to make responsible choices when we buy, and will continue to stay tuned to the back end of the fashion industry so you can be proud of shopping at Boa as much as we are proud to be running it! 
Ofra and Daphne Nissani

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