Sweater jackets vs. fall jackets. Where to invest your money.

If you live in Toronto, or the surrounding areas, then you know how unpredictable seasons like fall and spring can be here.  Climatizing is the Canadian pastime that no one ever talks about.  Not only do we have to get adjusted to upcoming weather conditions, but we also have to dress appropriately for them.  

By now, you may have noticed sweater jackets are a stong part of fall fashion.  Many women understand that it can't be worn in the dead of winter, but other women see sweater jackets as a one trick pony.  Also notably popular are trench coats.  Smart jackets with stunning details.   

So if you are on a budget and need to consider what you will get more wear out of, let us break it down for you.  Below we have highlighted some advantages to each item. Hopefully this will make your decision much easier if you were debating.  

Benefits of a trench coat

- Can layer easily underneath it with big sweaters

- A true jacket with fashion longevity

- The design is sharp and flattering

- Just about always have pockets

- Can be worn casually and dressy with sneakers or pumps


Benefits of a sweater jacket

- Can be a layering piece in true winter conditions

- Can be worn around the house, or left at work/school for indoor use

- Often times is easier to wash than a jacket

- Price point can be lower than a fall jacket

- Can transition better in between seasons

So if you are hunting for  jackets in Toronto, or a sweater jackets in Toronto, consider the above and check out the great selection we have in store this season.  

Happy Shopping!


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