Summer shorts trend - How to wear them.

The Shorts Report

Recently a customer approached me and said she was looking for shorts. “Any tops to go with them?” I asked. “Nope, I’m just looking for shorts today.”

Seems that this fashion-forward customer knows that shorts are trending for summer 2019.

Being a bit of a tomboy (but a fashionable one still), I much prefer wearing shorts to dresses and skirts.

And I’m sure I’m not the only girl who feels more comfortable in shorts than dresses…

Fortunately, this summer there are plenty of great styles to choose from – shorts are dressier, sexier, and more detailed than ever before.

Sophisticated Shorts

As many of you have likely noticed, pants have changed considerably.

We are seeing a wider leg, cropped-style pant, typically in linen-like fabrics.

Shorts too have transformed, with many styles mimicking the looser cut of today’s pants.

These shorts are somewhat skirt-like with a longer hem length and added details like tie belts and subtle pleats.

The good news is that this is a forgiving cut and you will feel stylish and comfortable wearing them.

We are also seeing shorts with a narrow-cut leg, but, again, longer in length.

These hit about three quarters down the thigh and pair beautifully with blazers and stilettos.

To achieve this look I recommend checking out our Tyler Madison shorts (shown above).

*They are also available in burnt orange and black.

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are a timeless staple – every girl should own a pair or two.

At Boa, we love Mavi and their denim shorts are right on trend this season.

We’ve got distressed with frayed hems, longer and cuffed, and a light wash, billowy, pleated style in stock.

My personal favourite is the distressed version which pairs beautifully with peasant-style tops, kimonos, and crop tops.

Here’s a crop top that would look amazing with the distressed cut-offs.

*Tie-dyed crop tops would also be right on trend.

And denim shorts also work well with the shoe of the season – crisp, white cross trainers.

Biker Shorts

While I’ve yet to see a lot of people embracing this trend, it was hot on the runways, so it deserves a mention.

If you’re a trend-setter, it’s time to break out the biker shorts!

Try rocking them under a pair of our distressed denim shorts for an edgy, original look.

On the runways they were even pairing biker shorts with blazers and stilettos.

Topping it Off

Most of the shorts this season are still high-rise, which means that they pair well with crop tops and bodysuits.

Another fun look is to french-tuck shirts to cinch the waist and emphasize the higher rise.

And while you’re at it, why not add a belt and maybe even a thin, gold ankle bracelet?

 Shawna Wynne, Freelance writer

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