Shopping small boutiques in new modern ways.

As a fashion buyer, I'm used to shopping A LOT!  I do it weekly, and I hunt for the best.   Every showroom I go to, I dig, every village I visit, I hunt for cute things.   This requires entering sweet little stores in high streets or villages to find the good stuff.  If shopping IRL is not working with your schedule, there are so many great online boutiques like this one here   Even some great social media pages where you can connect with the owner or manager and get all your needs taken care of.    Personally, I enjoy doing short videos for customers on instagram to show fabrication up close and talk honestly about fit.   Then of course there is the LIVE selling tool where I can try it on for you for a LIVE show.   @boaboutique

If that doesn't do it, the good old fashion phone call to help walk you through what you are seeing online, is alive and well at Boa Boutique.   

What's in store for the future?   Well, expect to see the new trend of pop ups.   I'm looking forward to coming out and seeing women across Ontario starting late 2024.

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” – Dolly Parton


Shop small :)

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