Red hot, why not?

When I walk the strip of downtown Oakville or the beaches boardwalk, and smell the pumpkin spice lattes and fall wind, I can only see the future of holiday colours in my head.  The vivid greens and flexes of gold and silver decorations.  

The strongest colour that I think of most is Red.  Like most people I'm sure.  This year I'm happy to see red accent colours in varsity type sweaters and details.  

Likely inspired by Gucci, these accents allow those who would never wear Red, now incorporate it in their wardrobe without feeling Its' dominance.  

As the holidays do approach and parties begin we will see new trends emerge with more red.  Like this pleated blouse in red.  

Because red is a strong colour there is evidence that it can be intimidating.  Especially on a first date ladies.  So proceed with caution.

If you're not willing to do a full red jumpsuit this year for a holiday party or event, then decorate your look with some simple red accessories.  From shoes to handbags, the small details can look just as sharp.  Especially for those of you who don't prefer red for your skin tone.  No need to completely shy away from it when you can embrace it in doses.😘



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