Permanent Jewelry POP UP

Maybe you you've heard of the accessory trend that is showing up in television shows like Love Is Blind.   It's not a tattoo, let's get that out of the way first.   For our pop up events scheduled for December 8th 12-5 pm at our Queen St E location in Toronto, and December 9th 12-6pm at our Downtown Oakville location, we have a specialist who's licensed with a special welding machine that ZAPS your bracelet, or necklace with no clasps.    Making it permanent on your body until you cut it off.    The quality has to be high for you to go about doing life with this piece, so 9k-14k gold is used.   This quality of gold is best to work with for this.   The trend is used for mother/daughter matching bracelets, or matchers for a group of girlfriends.   It's an ideal birthday or Christmas gift, and a fun day or night out.    Any chance for a group of women to hang out and bond of a jewelry zap is a good time no matter what :). 

Get permanent by signing up at these links.  

Queen St. East December 8th 12-5

Downtown Oakville December 9th 12-6

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