MADE IN CANADA Day November 15th

Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and thought, where is all this stuff coming from?   Well a lot of apparel used to be produced in Canada.   From leather (huge industry) to casual Roots attire, to independent designer house lines... mine included.   Back in 2001 when my first store opened at Yonge & Lawrence in midtown Toronto, we made our own clothes!!!! Omg, it's crazy to think this is possible given the fashion world we live in now.   We opened the store with our own t-shirt and fleece collection, and began designing, cutting, and sewing dresses in our basement.   Even though it was loads of work, it really was so fun.   As import quotas were lifted for production in China, many of the designers and manufacturers in the GTA slowly started to get apparel produced in China, because it was cheaper.   As years went on, so did the production of Canadian consumer products overseas.   Major manufacturers started slowing down production in Toronto, then closing facilities, until only a tiny portion of apparel was made in the GTA.   

Now comes the first ever MADE IN CANADA day, November 15th 2023.  If you are looking to support and want a new item to be apart of the re-growth, try checking out our Parkhurst pieces. 

One of the only knitting mills to survive the era was Canada's oldest knitting mill, Parkhurst.  Made popular in the early 1900's, Parkhurst was famous for it's beret's for Canadian troops.   They then expanded to apparel and winter accessories, taking off with their charming Canadiana prints.  This year they have reached the height of success with a version of Princess Diana's black sheep sweater.   Made with recycled cotton, this sweater is currently available on our site for pre-order.  Get your piece of history.   

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