How to wear leggings.

The year was 2007.  Former super model Tyra Banks had her own afternoon took show.  I remember watching the fashion episodes suggestions on what not to wear.  I was surprised, being in the fashion industry, to hear the expert say "Ladies, leggings are out!"   

I thought, 'What? There's no way.'  The trend hadn't even hit its' peak yet at that point, which is likely why the entire audience gasped.  Like them, I knew this expert was not in tune to what was truly happening in the fashion world.  

Fast forward 10 years and every single woman I know has atleast one pair of leggings.  

So, how to wear them.  Your easiest bet for a day to day casual look is to simply wear them with tunics.  Inspired by ancient greeks and the roman empire, tunics have played the role of covering.  Not exposing too much.  Their secondary purpose is warmth.  So throw on your longest length long sleeve tunic and off you go.  

If you're looking to wear leggings in a more trendy way, try layering.  As tunics are slowly creeping their way out of daily fashion, they are slowly being replaced with shorter, more cropped looks.  Teenagers will wear crop tops with leggings and expose their tummies.  If that is not for you, work that cropped sweater with a loose fit tee under, a slip top, or a button down.  This will add dimension to your leggings.  

If you want to wear your leggings less casually, then invest in a pair of liquid leggings.  Pair that with a shorter blouse and a clean shaped cardigan or blazer.  Throw on the pumps and a clutch, and you have achieved "girls night out" fashion status.  

If you're looking for an edgier look this fall, try wearing your classic leggings with a mid length sweater and a moto jacket.  Adding a choker to this combination and cute little booties will give you the comfort you like, with the edge you feel sexy in.  

Lastly, if you are enjoying Kendall Jenner's "I don't care, I'm a super model" look, then that's the easiest look to achieve.  Even if you're not a super model:)  Cute sneakers, a cute casual sweater, and an oversized sweater jacket over it.  Voila!!  You're ready to walk the streets of New York!

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Happy shopping!

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