How Pamela Andersons No Makeup Look Can Effect Fashion

As most women who are paying attention to the 50+ actress Pamela Anderson already know, she's doing no makeup .... at Paris Fashion Week!!!!   Omg. 

Kudos Pam, it's really cool.   It's unique, and it might be necessary, but the word is still out.   Fashion and makeup have a close relationship, much like fashion and music.   They flow together most times.  They compliment each other in the best ways, but also influence each other.  

When the glamour of the 90s runway era began to change from supermodels like Naomi, and Christy, the makeup became less, the body type went from small and curved, to small and waif, and the fashion went from glitz and contoured to oversized and flannel.    

If Pamela Andersons look catches on to a demographic that is spending on high fashion, what will this look like for us all.   Provided we gain the strength and courage to go makeup free (after all how are we to contend with one of the most beautiful women of an era), then what do we wear to compliment our makeup free look?   If this trend can go mainstream, it could mean casual attire to match it.   The truth is that makeup free isn't looking great with couture fashion, so it will shrink in appearance and become much more minimalistic to compliment the no makeup trend.   Are we ready for this?

After waiting decades for the world of fashion to enter back in to the vibrancy of colour it currently is, I am for sure not ready for this.    Nor am I interested, but who knows, maybe in 5 years I'll get bored of all the colour and texture and find comfort in the minimalism of the trend.     If it doesn't hit mainstream, because let's be real, no one else is really biting yet, then we can enjoy the fun of mid 20's fashion as it is, and let the designers decide what's next for us in the 30's era.    Like it used to be.  :)  

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