Hot pants - How to wear them for Spring Summer 2020.

You are either reading this because you don't have a clue what hot pants are and are curious to learn more, or because you want to know how to wear this look without feeling like a kiwi without its skin.  Let's begin.  

Hot pants were originally popular in the later 60's when designer Mary Quant was inspired to design something for women that demanded a feeling of liberation.  It was mostly created with cottons, and some knits.  It was out of the fashion scene for a while and then Jessica Simpson pulled out her daisy dukes for an early 2k music video and the interest resurfaced.  

Feeling sexy will always be in style.  Some women feel sexy in sweats, and others prefer traditionally sexy looks.  Enter hot pants.  

Let's break down the recent years in which hot pants have slowly been re-emerging.  Those cut-off shorts that look like a teen uniform have been getting shorter and shorter over the past 4 years.  Some might argue they are hot pants because they are tight and short.  I personally would call them cut-offs on steroids.  None the less, they are just the beginning of what we may see around the streets of Toronto this summer.  

Hot pants can look very sophisticated if paired with button down blouses, or cropped sweaters. Unlike dresses, they stay in place, and you won't have to fuss too much with them.  Only, they may not be welcomed in every environment.  Mostly a work environment.  They are limited to evening or special events.  Out for drinks to a hot new Toronto bar, or date night.  Maybe even making a splash at a charity event, or concert at the Budweiser Stage.   Probably best to rule it out for axe throwing for your friends birthday.  

Tips on how to wear hot pants.  

1) You are completely exposed from your top thighs to your ankles, so try to cover up more above that threshold.  

2) If you feel insecure about your butt showing, then pair your hot pants with a long blazer or a spring trench coat.  Maybe even a high/low blouse.  

3) As we roll into the dog days of summer, go to town and pair those hot pants with crop tops and the like.  Festival friendly, and a great way to beat the summer heat.  

4) Wear it with a body suit or crop top that will just reach the top of the high rise hot pants.  

5) For a more modest look, try to avoid heels as they will amplify the sex appeal.  Trendy sneakers, or flat boots are a possible alternative.  

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