Holiday trends 2018

It always seems that by the time December rolls around, we rush to the idea of what to wear.  Holiday dinners, friends gathering to celebrate, or work functions.  Each occasion warrants a different look.   What to wear can be complicated.  

For you ladies who love snugly warm and cozy clothes, you'll be happy to hear velvet is still a holiday favourite.  Something about the feel of it on your skin as you're shivering walking to your car in downtown Toronto is very comforting.  Velvet can be worn for any event.  A velvet dress for a work holiday party would stun, but could also shock if it's too tight.  The sheen in the texture will make your hair and eyes intensify.  

A velvet top for a holiday party would also be a stylish comfortable look.  If you plan to drink, stay away from the long sleeves as you may get too hot.  

Leopard prints are the most luxurious print of the season.  So it would be no surprise to see that look incorporated in a holiday ensemble.  Especially if you are someone who refuses to stop wearing black.  If you don't want to add some seasonal colour, then try this print.  Maybe a jacket, or fuzzy vest over a black dress.  Or simple leopard print accessories will also add character to all black.  

Not straying far from prints, message sweaters and tees are a great option for casual evenings with friends and family.  If you have a playful personality, then then a funny printed tee could be just the right move for an event like this.  We have quite a few styles coming in for late November.  Just on time for the holidays.

Let's talk lace.  Still standing by this season as a clean option for holiday.  It may be blended with other contrast textures or prints, but lace is sure to impress.  Be mindful of how you wear it and where.  Lace resembles lingerie so closely that it can make the wrong impression if worn too sexy or revealing.  

A pop of gold may be a perfect substitute to accessories.  Anything with flexes of gold,or embossed are a great way to go lite on accessories.  Think a jumpsuit that is trimmed with gold.  Perfect for an evening out with the ladies, or even for a work event with a blazer and stilettos.  You may even stop traffic if you weren't wearing a coat to cover it up:)  

Over the past couple of years the liquid/leatherette legging has really started to build momentum for holiday.  A perfect alternative to wear with a tunic or party top.  The shiny black adds so much elegance, and the black really slims down the body.  Don't go too short on tops to pair with them.  That can be a dangerous game depending on your event.  Unless you want to look nothing short of sexy, then a bodysuit might be a better match with the leggings.  

So many options, so many events.   The most wonderful time of the year is also the perfect opportunity to show your style.  


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