Upcycled fashion is no trend.

For quite a few years now we have been celebrating and supporting a beautiful line of clothing that is 100% sustainable.  Guru pioneered all things upcycled before it was even a thing.  

During the pandemic the demand for sustainable clothing increased and so did our demand for new styles from Oakville, Ontario company Guru.  This seasons collection has not disappointed.   

The prints, the colours, the feel.  The classic kimonos are still a strong die hard piece for our die hard customers.  They have also added exquisite new styles from rompers to tops. 

Because of the unique nature of the brand, every piece is different.  Which means our customers will have to act fast if they see something that speaks to them.  Much like a unique piece of art.  

We will continue to support brands like this and hope for many brands in the future to get creative to support slow fashion.  An essential part of the equation to help mother nature and change the fashion industry as a whole.  

To shop Guru on our website, please look out for the one-of-a-kind tab to direct you to individual unique pieces.   Please note that due to the unique one of a kind nature of these products, they may upload and sell out quick.   

Looking for a video on the any of their styles, send us a message and we'll figure it out.  

Happy shopping!





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