Grad dress season 2019

The grade 8 graduation season is in full force.  Finding a suitable dress for a newbie teenager that will please both parents and the teen can be a huge struggle.  Let us help you in the selection process.  

Let's start with the basics.  What is in style?  Fit and flare is always safe.  It suits petite frames and really fits their demographic.  Current styles that are suitable right now are prints, like floral prints, rhinestone and studded details trimming the centre or top of the dress.  In addition one shoulder dresses are also very suitable, and offer just that extra support for the young girls in their developing age.  The high/low option is also still a great look for the girls who are taller and want more coverage from behind.  

What to avoid?  Deep plunging.  Maybe too sexy for their age group.  I mean, it's not prom!!  Low cut can be modified with a lace bralette or bandeau underneath, but deep plunging is tougher to modify with accessories.  Note, if you are thinking of doing low cut, try more of a fit and flare dress.  Pairing a low cut dress with an element of tight and fitted to the body attracts the wrong attention for this age bracket.  

Prices to pay?  Grad dresses can vary from $69.99 for the most simple little sun dress, to $400 plus for the more elaborate detailed dresses.  If you are price concious, run to the sale rack and find last years style and consider tweaking some details to make it fit into 2019.  

There are many stores in Toronto, and Oakville and the surrounding areas that have grad dresses.  Just keep in mind that the bigger, more popular main stream stores will carry multiples of one style, and that can result in embarassing moments at grade 8 grad.  

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