French tucking for fall.

It's been quite some time that people have been French tucking their tops and sweaters.  Yet, somehow customers ask us how to do it.  Always feeling insecure that they are doing it incorrectly.  Let us go through the basics with you in preperation for fall. 

With the increase in rises of jeans, skirts, and shorts, we are left with a few  options.  From wearing our oversized tops to French tucking them, or wearing slick fitted body suits/tops.  Or the alternative would be crop tops.  

Not everyone wants to wear tight tops all the time.  Or perhaps you want to still wear your oversized looks from previous years?  Then the French tuck is the perfect wearable style.  The concept is to show a small waist instead of covering it up.  By doing a single tuck in the centre or the side of your jeans/pants/skirts/shorts, you showing the world that you have a figure, and that you are not just covered by ball of material.  The skinny jeans/leggings look, still works great with classic oversized, but the French tuck is a twist on it.  Note, you can make this look unique to you by tucking to one side.  

Does a French tuck work with a cropped sweater?  Yes, absolutely.  As long as there is some slack, you can absolutely tuck with a cropped sweater. In fact, some women will go up one size in the top to achieve this very look.  

With the long skirt craze just beginning to take off, the French tuck will be the perfect balance to make this look more trendy, rather than ultra conservative.

French tucks are right on point for all age groups.  So jump in and try it.  No more excuses now that you know exactly how to wear it. 


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