New Footwear Fashion Trends - Covid Edition

About a year ago, I read a Refinery 29 article titled Down to Earn: Has 2019 Killed the Heel? by Lauren Bravo I mention this because if 2019 didn’t “kill the heel” then the pandemic of 2020 certainly has.

I’m guessing you’ve all noticed the trend towards more casual footwear. Personally, after years of suffering in high heels, I’m thrilled. Sneakers are right on trend and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. With more and more people working from home it stands to reason that clothing (and by extension footwear) will continue to be more casual with an athletic-leisure vibe.

 This past week I dropped into Brown’s Shoes to get a feel for the fall/winter running shoe trends. We’re still seeing the white sneaker, only now it’s been updated with metallic and neon accents. I also noticed that Michael Kors (and other higher-end brands) are featuring a dressier version of the classic sneaker in black and white with gold and silver accents. Platform soles are also right on trend.


My research (as gruelling as it was) later found me at DSW. An associate there confirmed what I already knew – sneakers are what’s selling and heels not so much… In terms of boots, my favourite DSW associate says they’ve noticed that Chelsea boots, ¾ moto boots and Doc Martens are the hot sellers this fall. Personally, I always love a great moto boot at this time of year. *See my top pick by ASOS below.

And because fashion-based research is never complete without a look at what celebrities are wearing, I’ve noticed a boot trend reminiscent of the early 2000s. If stylish celebs like Bella Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian get their way (and I hope they do) pointy-toe boots are going to be hot this season. Just check out this pic of supermodel Bella Hadid rocking the look this past week and tell me you’re not on board. By Shawna Wynne


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