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And Leggings are a Staple

Since leggings (worn as pants) became a thing somewhere around ’06 – ’07, I’ve been silently predicting their demise year after year. But each year proves me wrong − especially when summer turns to fall and leggings re-emerge as the casual wear go-to’s of choice. Embraced by girls and women of all ages, it’s clear that leggings are here to stay.

And with good reason: leggings are comfortable, versatile and well suited to our busy lifestyles. From running errands, work commitments and fitting in a gym session or yoga class somewhere in between (hopefully), leggings are not only functional, but more fashionable than ever before.

Which leads us to the “jegging” − a hybrid jean/legging which many fashion insiders predicted would be obsolete by now. Well, turns out, these predictions (much like my own) were wrong. Truthfully, fashion can be tricky to predict − perhaps more so now than ever before as more and more women are choosing to forgo trends in favour of what works best for them, their bodies and their busy lifestyles.

Our “Hide your Muffin Top Hyperstretch Skinny Jeans in Coated Cheetah” are as figure flattering as their name suggests. No idea how YMI is accomplishing this, but every pant they manufacture flatters all body types. Though this is likely not politically correct to say, their pants somehow make you look a good five pounds thinner.

Another option is our glossy python-print jegging – these are right on trend with their animal print and wax-coated finish. I recommend pairing them with light pink tops and sweaters for a complimentary colour pairing.

We’re seeing a lot of ‘waxy' pants and skirts this season. These Canadian-made Tyler Madison faux jeans have a similar waxy texture.

So now, what leggings do we recommend as fall turns to winter?

You can’t go wrong with a pair of our C’est Moi bamboo leggings. Best sellers for a reason − they do double duty as tights and work well under winter’s longer sweatshirts and sweaters. They come in three styles: the first style is thinner and more tight-like, while the second style (“the Faga”) is slightly thicker with a reinforced waist and bottom cuff. The third style is adapted from “the Faga” but comes in a heathered material that provides subtle colour contrasting.

C’est Moi also has some great leggings specifically engineered for maximum comfort and warmth during the winter months. As a Canadian clothing company, they know what we’re dealing with.

Their fleece-lined and faux fur-lined leggings are perfect for women who enjoy being active outdoors, even on the coldest of winter days.

  Fleece Lined Leggings                           Faux Fur Lined Leggings

I alternate between both versions (depending on the temperature), and absolutely love wearing my fur-lined ones when I’m out walking my dog on those bitterly cold, snowy winter days. They work well with winter boots because they’re tight so they don’t ride up. And they’re certainly warmer than jeans or sweatpants and easier than layering with long underwear.

Not only do they make winter walks more pleasant, they’re comfortable and cozy enough to wear all day long at home as well. If you’re the type that’s more inclined to stay home binge-watching Netflix when the temperature plummets, these fur-lined leggings won’t disappoint.

*They also make great Christmas gifts for the active, winter warriors on your list. Find them in our Toronto and Oakville boutiques.

A completely different style that I also consider a winter staple is C’est Moi’s liquid leggings. While I’ve also been predicting the demise of liquid leggings for years, they’ve proven to have serious staying power. More about fashion than function, liquid leggings can be dressed up or down and styled in so many different ways.

Their matte finish is sheer perfection, ensuring that they don’t look like vinyl or imitation leather, but rather have their own distinct look.

Pair liquid leggings with oversized sweaters and slinky, sparkly tops for a night out, or wear them dressed down during the day with vintage tees and sweatshirts. I can’t wait to wear this Prince Peter ‘World Tour’ sweatshirt with my liquid leggings for a fun, edgy daytime look.




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