Bigger, louder, bolder, brighter. The new black.

Trends usually stand out, you can often tell what's a trend each season.  This season, the trend is in colour more than anything else.   For the first time in my 25 years as a  stylist, I'm happy to see people who wear all black asking for bright tones.  And not like papaya, but highlighter yellow.  Yessss!  As a loud colour enthusiast, I can only say it's about time.  In sweat suits and leggings for several years might do that to a woman.   If you have not taken the plunge,  start with a sunny accessory like a green clutch, or a bright orange t-shirt.   Then eventually you may get the guts to pair that orange tee with hot pink pants, a popular colour story this year.   If not now, then when?  The world is dark, bring it some light and shine on!


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