70's Fashion has resurfaced for Spring 2018!

Toronto is about to look like a scene from Charlie's Angels in spring and summer of 2018. The original Charlies Angels. The Farrah Fawcett hair may be slow to follow the fashion, but for now let's get excited about all the amazing new trends for spring summer 2018.  

Plunging tops.  This is a trend we are seeing more of.  It can be a super low cut dress, or a blouse with a deep exposed zipper that let's you show off whatever makes you comfortable.  Double sided tape may become the new must have accessory this season as a result of this trend.  

Jumpers, a.k.a Onesies we have been showing for a couple of seasons now.  We expect this to be the year where they really take over and replace the dress as a work wear, or nightwear staple.  Peak-a-boo details like slits and open backs will give jumpers a very sexy edge.  This trend will take some getting used to, so dare yourself to try one on and see how you feel about it.   If you still feel it is way out of your comfort zone then stick to the traditional maxi that we will still be seeing a lot of this season.  Only, with trendy details like the "cold shoulder".  

A classic that we are happy to see more of is the wrap dress.  Brought in by the famous Diane Von Furstenberg in the early 70's we welcome this trend back with open arms.  We love it so much that we are actually in the process of creating our very own line of wrap dresses exclusive to Boa.  So for you ladies looking for very original wrap dresses in Toronto or Oakville, then pop into the store in early spring to see our new line.  

Culottes were huge in the 70's and have been trying to make a revival in the past few years.  No luck then, but let's see how you beautiful ladies react to them this year.   Tucked into the culottes will be many variations of blouses.  Traditional button downs, ruffle detailed blouses, blouses with zippers and more.  

When I polled a few friends on what their favourite 70's trend was, several said they are obsessed with the high rise jean with a wide leg.   Seeing as women are only now starting to embrace high rise jeans, then we believe the wide leg look will take a bit longer to catch on, but we expect it to happen soon enough.   

If you like reading trend blogs, let us know in the comments.  

Here's hoping spring comes soon so we can start wearing these goodies!


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